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Estimated Reading Time

Joomla! Content Plugin

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About Estimated Reading Time Joomla Plugin

This Joomla! plugin will show the estimated reading time of your articles just below the title. The plugin will show the estimated reading time in the article detail view as well as in frontpage or article list views.


This plugin is installed as a regular Joomla Plugin, so just grab the installation package (see the packages links on top of this page) and put it into your Joomla! Extension installer and click install.


After installing the plugin go to the plugin manager in your Joomla! site and click on the plugin name for configuring it.

You can configure following settings:

Template Overrides

Since version 3.4.0 you can now use template overrides to customize plugin output and you can also integrate reading time values directly in your article template overrides.

Customizing plugin output with templates overrides

You just need to copy the file:


to the folder


and modify styling there as per your needs.

Adding reading time directly to your template overrides.

If you want to include reading time information directly into your template override, since version 3.4.0 you can easily do it. If you check the item object in your article template, you will notice there is a new property called readingtime. This property is an object with 3 properties:


We currently have no demo site for this, but you can see in action in the blog of where we show the plugin using a template overrides and even a language override!!

Translation Credits

Estimated Reading Time plugin is available in English, Spanish and Dutch. Thanks to:

If you want to become a translator, please let me know contacting me through email (see below) or just applying in our Transifex project page:

Help needed

This is a really tiny non-profit project but it would be great to have a fancy logo so please contact me if you have a logo proposal or any idea about how the logo for the plugin should be.

Also as stated in above, we need help so if you speak a language which is not listed above, please send me a line ;).

Support or Contact

Having trouble with Estimated Reading Time Plugin? Please write an issue using GitHub Issues or send me a line ;). I'll address it ASAP.

If you just want to say thank you or want to share something with me, please contact me at .

Also since 3.4.0 release there is a detailed CHANGELOG for this project.